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Created by pianotm, AtlasAtrium, Gourd_Clae, and Marrend

Waking up in the middle of a wasteland, a young girl has no idea who she is, or where she came from, until a vicious attack reveals that she's a machine. Fear and longing, uncertainty and hope; these are not things a machine should be able to feel and yet she does. Who built her? Why? Why her?

Tanner is fascinated by The Girl. He's worked with machines since he was a small child. He'd heard of legends of automatons like The Girl: machines so advanced they were nearly indistinguishable from humans, but he thought they were only a legend. He had heard the stories of an old tycoon so obsessed with immortality he had devised a way to store the human consciousness inside of a machine. Could this Girl be one of them?

Victor despises The Girl. He has dedicated his life to law and order and ever since he could remember, controlling automata has been crucial to that. There used to be a law that a machine that could emulate a human could not exist. That law was no longer functional, but it was still on the books, and if he can find a way to enforce it, he will. The Girl, a rogue machine masquerading as a human represents everything he considers a threat to society.

Pris wants people to feel safe. She became a police officer to protect people and to help them. She was soon disillusioned when her first tour of duty was in Burroughs City, assigned to Victor. Burroughs was unusually peaceful and crime free, but it came at the cost of the people's freedom, and Victor's cruelty. For a time Pris came to think it was necessary for a civil society, but she never really believed it. When The Girl arrives and Pris sees Victor's manic obsession with her, Pris begins to doubt her place in society, yet again. Protecting society had cost her an arm. She didn't want it to cost innocent people their lives.

  • Story:
  • Begin your quest to discover The Girl's past, who she is, and what she was meant for. The allies you make along the way will help you, but your enemies will stop at nothing to destroy you.
  • Gameplay:
  • Explore a Martian landscape, long after humanity has begun to leave Earth. Errant robots wander causing chaos. As long you're removing them, Victor doesn't have an excuse to pursue you.
  • Party (Build your Own Robots):
  • Collect scrap and parts from robots and use them to build companions to help you in combat.
  • Combat:
  • Mechanima uses Yami's Battle Symphony. Also, equip items to The Girl so she can use new skills, and determine the skills of your robots based on how you construct them.


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