Bug Fixed version uploaded!

Many of you likely noticed how badly the main character got stuck on corners.  The majority of the development time was spent trying to fix this problem.  In the end, I gave up.  Then, I watched a let's play where the player did not like the fact that the character could not be controlled during a jump.  This seemed like a simple restriction to me.  Once you're in the air, you can't just change direction.  Why should the player character?  Of course, that's not how most platformers work and he pointed that out.  So, I removed the restriction that prevents you from changing direction mid-jump, and voila, the character no longer gets stuck on corners.  Imagine that!  More accurately, you do get stuck on the corners, still, but now, you can simply move the character off of them.

I've uploaded the bugfixed version, and placed a note reminding judges for the CFN jam that v1.1 is not the original jam version and should be disregarded.


AlpacaMoon.zip 18 MB
Jan 13, 2018
AlpacaMoon v1.1.zip 18 MB
Jan 20, 2018

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